Liver is one of the wonderful organ, which tries to resolve back to complete normalcy after an insult/ damage.


With continuous damage, there can be liver tissue replaced by scars (fibrosis), and to measure the amount of damage, until now was only possible from Liver biopsy which is an invasive test and with some risk as well.


Alternatives for liver biopsy have been in the market recently and of these non invasive test like Fibroscan – accesses the fibrosis in liver and gives a measurement value which guides us regarding the status of liver damage.


FibroScan is a special ultrasound technology that measures liver stiffness (hardness) and fatty changes in your liver. These measurements help the doctor learn more about your liver disease.


Liver stiffness result is measured in kilopascals (kPa). Normal results are usually between 2 and 7 kPa. Your result may be higher than the normal range if you have liver disease. The highest possible result is 75 kPa.