Therapeutic Endoscopy

Therapeutic Endoscopy

Gastrointestinal bleed mandates an Upper GI endoscopy / Colonoscopy to identify the etiology of bleed. Once the patient is resuscitated, Gastroenterologist can subject the patient for these procedures. Etiology once established, if there is particular cause of Bleed, it might require Endoscopic treatment,

With Ulcer related bleed –Endoscopic haemostasis can be achieved by

For Variceal Bleed –

Polyps if noted, can be resected out using snare with the help of current / without using current Endoscopic mucosal resection / Endoscopic submucosal dissection can be attempted for larger lesions, which will be time consuming and require hospital admission.


Certain case scenarios – like Esophageal or Intestinal stricture, demands placement of stent across the stricture, which is usually guided by Endoscopy.


Corrosive strictures require Endoscopic dilatation of strictures using Bougies Anastamotic strictures can be treated by Balloon dilatation